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Kun Cheng Advanced Drug Delivery

Provides both fundamentals and new and emerging applications Advanced Drug Delivery brings readers fully up to date with the state of the science, presenting the basics, formulation strategies, and therapeutic applications of advanced drug delivery. The book demonstrates how core concepts of pharmaceutical sciences, chemistry, and molecular biology can be combined and applied in order to spark novel ideas to design and develop advanced drug delivery systems for the treatment of a broad range of human diseases. Advanced Drug Delivery features contributions from an international team of pharmaceutical scientists. Chapters reflect a thorough review and analysis of the literature as well as the authors firsthand experience developing drug delivery systems. The book is divided into four parts: Part I, Introduction and Basics of Advanced Drug Delivery, explores physiological barriers, stability, transporters, and biomaterials in drug delivery Part II, Strategies for Advanced Drug Delivery, offers tested and proven strategies for advanced delivery of both small molecules and macromolecules Part III, Translational Research of Advanced Drug Delivery, focuses on regulatory considerations and translational applications of advanced drug delivery systems for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, sexually transmitted diseases, ophthalmic diseases, and brain diseases Part IV, Future Applications of Advanced Drug Delivery in Emerging Research Areas, examines stem cell research, cell-based therapeutics, tissue engineering, and molecular imaging Each chapter provides objectives and assessment questions to help readers grasp key concepts and assess their knowledge as they progress through the book. Advanced Drug Delivery is recommended for graduates and upper-level undergraduates in the pharmaceutical sciences who need a solid foundation in the basics. It is also recommended for pharmaceutical professionals who want to take advantage of new and emerging applications in advanced drug delivery systems.

9438.92 РУБ



Rebecca Bader A. Engineering Polymer Systems for Improved Drug Delivery

Polymers have played a critical role in the rational design and application of drug delivery systems that increase the efficacy and reduce the toxicity of new and conventional therapeutics. Beginning with an introduction to the fundamentals of drug delivery, Engineering Polymer Systems for Improved Drug Delivery explores traditional drug delivery techniques as well as emerging advanced drug delivery techniques. By reviewing many types of polymeric drug delivery systems, and including key points, worked examples and homework problems, this book will serve as a guide to for specialists and non-specialists as well as a graduate level text for drug delivery courses.

9731.17 РУБ



Juergen Siepmann Computational Pharmaceutics. Application of Molecular Modeling in Drug Delivery

Molecular modeling techniques have been widely used in drug discovery fields for rational drug design and compound screening. Now these techniques are used to model or mimic the behavior of molecules, and help us study formulation at the molecular level. Computational pharmaceutics enables us to understand the mechanism of drug delivery, and to develop new drug delivery systems. The book discusses the modeling of different drug delivery systems, including cyclodextrins, solid dispersions, polymorphism prediction, dendrimer-based delivery systems, surfactant-based micelle, polymeric drug delivery systems, liposome, protein/peptide formulations, non-viral gene delivery systems, drug-protein binding, silica nanoparticles, carbon nanotube-based drug delivery systems, diamond nanoparticles and layered double hydroxides (LDHs) drug delivery systems. Although there are a number of existing books about rational drug design with molecular modeling techniques, these techniques still look mysterious and daunting for pharmaceutical scientists. This book fills the gap between pharmaceutics and molecular modeling, and presents a systematic and overall introduction to computational pharmaceutics. It covers all introductory, advanced and specialist levels. It provides a totally different perspective to pharmaceutical scientists, and will greatly facilitate the development of pharmaceutics. It also helps computational chemists to look for the important questions in the drug delivery field. This book is included in the Advances in Pharmaceutical Technology book series.

11707.53 РУБ



Cheng Kun Advanced Delivery and Therapeutic Applications of RNAi

RNA interference (RNAi) is a process in living cells whereby small double stranded RNA interferes with the expression of specific genes with complementary nucleotide sequence. Like many nucleic acid-based therapies, RNAi has great potential in treating various life-threatening diseases. However, the poor stability and cellular uptake of RNAi molecules remain considerable barriers to their efficient delivery which is paramount to a successful therapy. This book provides a comprehensive introduction to RNAi delivery, then goes on to discuss different delivery strategies, and concludes with current applications in various diseases. It covers: Mechanisms, Barriers, and Analysis of RNAi Delivery Nonclinical Safety Assessments and Clinical Pharmacokinetics: A Regulatory Perspective Bioconjugation of siRNA for Site Specifi c Delivery Nanoscale Delivery Systems for RNAi Environmentally-Responsive Delivery Systems for RNAi Light-sensitive RNAi Viral-Mediated Delivery of shRNA and miRNA RNAi applications in Cancer Therapy, Liver Diseases, Hepatitis B, and Ocular Disease miRNA as therapeutic agents and targets Advanced Delivery and Therapeutic Applications of RNAi combines the essential aspects of developing RNAi therapeutics from bench to clinic, and is invaluable for researchers working on RNAi, drug discovery and delivery, biomedical engineering, biomaterials, molecular biology, and biotechnology.

15968.46 РУБ



Li Chun Drug Delivery Applications of Noninvasive Imaging. Validation from Biodistribution to Sites Action

Cost-effective strategies for designing novel drug delivery systems that target a broad range of disease conditions In vivo imaging has become an important tool for the development of new drug delivery systems, shedding new light on the pharmacokinetics, biodistribution, bioavailability, local concentration, and clearance of drug substances for the treatment of human disease, most notably cancer. Written by a team of international experts, this book examines the use of quantitative imaging techniques in designing and evaluating novel drug delivery systems and applications. Drug Delivery Applications of Noninvasive Imaging offers a full arsenal of tested and proven methods, practices and guidance, enabling readers to overcome the many challenges in creating successful new drug delivery systems. The book begins with an introduction to molecular imaging. Next, it covers: In vivo imaging techniques and quantitative analysis Imaging drugs and drug carriers at the site of action, including low-molecular weight radiopharmaceuticals, peptides and proteins, siRNA, cells, and nanoparticles Applications of imaging techniques in administration routes other than intravenous injection, such as pulmonary and oral delivery Translational research leading to clinical applications Imaging drug delivery in large animal models Clinical applications of imaging techniques to guide drug development and drug delivery Chapters are based on a thorough review of the current literature as well as the authors firsthand experience working with imaging techniques for the development of novel drug delivery systems. Presenting state-of-the-technology applications of imaging in preclinical and clinical evaluation of drug delivery systems, Drug Delivery Applications of Noninvasive Imaging offers cost-effective strategies to pharmaceutical researchers and students for developing drug delivery systems that accurately target a broad range of disease conditions.

13580.33 РУБ



Yoon Yeo Nanoparticulate Drug Delivery Systems. Strategies, Technologies, and Applications

Frank discussions of opportunities and challenges point the way to new, more effective drug delivery systems Interest in nanomedicine has grown tremendously, fueled by the expectation that continued research will lead to the safe, efficient, and cost-effective delivery of drugs or imaging agents to human tissues and organs. The field, however, has faced several challenges attempting to translate novel ideas into clinical benefits. With contributions from an international team of leading nanomedicine researchers, this book provides a practical assessment of the possibilities and the challenges of modern nanomedicine that will enable the development of clinically effective nanoparticulate drug delivery products and systems. Nanoparticulate Drug Delivery Systems focuses on the rationales and preclinical evaluation of new nanoparticulate drug carriers that have yet to be thoroughly reviewed in the literature. The first chapter sets the stage with a general overview of targeted nanomedicine. The book then explores new and promising nanoparticulate drug delivery systems, including: Lipid nanoparticles for the delivery of nucleic acids Multifunctional dendritic nanocarriers Polymer drug nanoconjugates Next, the book presents new opportunities and challenges for nanoparticulate drug delivery systems, including: Clearance of nanoparticles during circulation Drug delivery strategies for combatting multiple drug resistance Toxicological assessment of nanomedicine Chapters offer state-of-the-technology reviews with extensive references to facilitate further investigation. Moreover, each chapter concludes with an expert assessment of remaining challenges, pointing the way to solutions and new avenues of research. With its frank discussions of opportunities and challenges, Nanoparticulate Drug Delivery Systems sets a solid foundation for new research leading to the discovery and development of better nanomedicines.

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Ryan Donnelly F. Microneedle-mediated Transdermal and Intradermal Drug Delivery

Microneedles can be used for delivery of a wide range of drug substances for practically any medical condition and present a real opportunity for vaccines and medicines that are unsuitable for oral administration or conventional patch delivery. Microneedle-mediated Transdermal and Intradermal Drug Delivery covers the major aspects relating to the use of microneedle arrays in enhancing drug delivery applications. It provides an overview of the various methods employed to design and produce microneedles, from the different materials involved to the importance of application methods. It carefully and critically reviews ongoing transdermal and intradermal delivery research using microneedles and includes the outcomes of in vivo animal and human studies. Importantly, it also discusses the safety and patient acceptability studies carried out to date. Finally, the book reviews the recent patents in microneedle research and describes the ongoing developments within industry that will determine the future of microneedle-mediated transdermal and intradermal drug delivery. By an expert author team with practical experience in the design and development of drug delivery systems this is the only text that provides a comprehensive review of microneedle research in transdermal and intradermal drug delivery.

11337.53 РУБ



Dionysios Douroumis Drug Delivery Strategies for Poorly Water-Soluble Drugs

Many newly proposed drugs suffer from poor water solubility, thus presenting major hurdles in the design of suitable formulations for administration to patients. Consequently, the development of techniques and materials to overcome these hurdles is a major area of research in pharmaceutical companies. Drug Delivery Strategies for Poorly Water-Soluble Drugs provides a comprehensive overview of currently used formulation strategies for hydrophobic drugs, including liposome formulation, cyclodextrin drug carriers, solid lipid nanoparticles, polymeric drug encapsulation delivery systems, self–microemulsifying drug delivery systems, nanocrystals, hydrosol colloidal dispersions, microemulsions, solid dispersions, cosolvent use, dendrimers, polymer- drug conjugates, polymeric micelles, and mesoporous silica nanoparticles. For each approach the book discusses the main instrumentation, operation principles and theoretical background, with a focus on critical formulation features and clinical studies. Finally, the book includes some recent and novel applications, scale-up considerations and regulatory issues. Drug Delivery Strategies for Poorly Water-Soluble Drugs is an essential multidisciplinary guide to this important area of drug formulation for researchers in industry and academia working in drug delivery, polymers and biomaterials.

14414.18 РУБ



Pathak Yashwant Antibody-Mediated Drug Delivery Systems. Concepts, Technology, and Applications

This book covers various aspects of antibody mediated drug delivery systems – theoretical aspects, processing, viral and non-viral vectors, and fields where these systems find and /or are being evaluated for applications as therapeutics and diagnostic treatment. Chapters discuss actual applications of techniques used for formulation and characterization. Applications areas include cancer, pulmonary, ocular diseases; brain drug delivery; and vaccine delivery. The contributing authors represent over 10 different countries, covering recent developments happening around the globe.

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Tomalia Donald A. Dendrimer-Based Drug Delivery Systems. From Theory to Practice

The opportunities and challenges of using dendrimers to improve drug delivery Among pharmaceutical and biomedical researchers, the use of dendrimers in drug delivery systems has attracted increasing interest. In particular, researchers have noted that the volume of a dendrimer increases when it has a positive charge. If this property can be applied effectively, dendrimers have enormous potential in drug delivery systems, directly supplying medication to targeted human organs. With contributions from an international team of pioneers and experts in dendrimer research, this book provides a comprehensive overview of the latest research efforts in designing and optimizing dendrimer-based drug delivery systems. The book analyzes key issues, demonstrating the critical connections that link fundamental concepts, design, synthesis, analytical methodology, and biological assessment to the practical use of dendrimers in drug delivery applications. Topics covered include: Dendrimer history Synthesis Physicochemical properties Principles of drug delivery Applications in diverse biomedical fields Dendrimer-Based Drug Delivery Systems reflects the authors thorough review and analysis of the current literature as well as their own firsthand experience in the lab. Readers will not only discover the current state of the science, but also gain valuable insights into fruitful directions for future research. References at the end of each chapter serve as a gateway to the growing body of literature in the field, enabling readers to explore each individual topic in greater depth. Pharmaceutical and biomedical researchers will find this book a unique and essential guide to the opportunities, issues, and challenges involved in fully exploiting the potential of dendrimers to improve drug delivery.

14892.07 РУБ



Laurent Simon Control of Biological and Drug-Delivery Systems for Chemical, Biomedical, Pharmaceutical Engineering

Enables readers to apply process dynamics and control theory to solve bioprocess and drug delivery problems The control of biological and drug delivery systems is critical to the health of millions of people worldwide. As a result, researchers in systems biology and drug delivery rely on process dynamics and control theory to build our knowledge of cell behavior and to develop more effective therapeutics, controlled release devices, and drug administration protocols to manage disease. Written by a leading expert and educator in the field, this text helps readers develop a deep understanding of process dynamics and control theory in order to analyze and solve a broad range of problems in bioprocess and drug delivery systems. For example, readers will learn how stability criteria can be used to gain new insights into the regulation of biological pathways and lung mechanics. Theyll also learn how the concept of a time constant is used to capture the dynamics of diffusive processes. Readers will also master such topics as external disturbances, transfer functions, and input/output models with the support of the authors clear explanations, as well as: Detailed examples from the biological sciences and novel drug delivery technologies 160 end-of-chapter problems with step-by-step solutions Demonstrations of how computational software such as MATLAB and Mathematica solve complex drug delivery problems Control of Biological and Drug-Delivery Systems for Chemical, Biomedical, and Pharmaceutical Engineering is written primarily for undergraduate chemical and biomedical engineering students; however, it is also recommended for students and researchers in pharmaceutical engineering, process control, and systems biology. All readers will gain a new perspective on process dynamics and control theory that will enable them to develop new and better technologies and therapeutics to treat human disease.

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Поиск по базе БС :: NetMonitor.Ru

86, Столб в 50 м к северо-востоку от указанного адреса, 221, 9661 59 54 ...... Приветнинское, Собственная мачта, 317, 5701 ...... Белы Куна, д. 15, к.

СССР 1986г. СОЛ# 5701 / БЕЛА КУН / MNH OG VF ... - collect-online.ru

СССР 1986г. СОЛ# 5701 / БЕЛА КУН / MNH OG VF / кв. блок. ... СССР 1986г. СОЛ# 5701 / БЕЛА ... Артикул: S-USSR-5701-1986-4BL-NH. На складе: 164 ...


86, БЕЛЫ КУНА УЛ., 7, 4,, 37.16, January 2014, Канализирование холодной воды ...... 5701, ЗАГРЕБСКИЙ БУЛЬВАР, 21, , А, 1,486.18, September 2014 ...

Лист1 - Школа 322

86, 84, Толстой Л.Н. Полное собрание сочинений. Т.3, 1928, 2 ...... 5600, 5598, Кун Н.А. Легенды и мифы Древней Греции. 2004. 5601, 5599, Кун Н.А. Легенды и .... 5703, 5701, Школьный словарь иностранных слов. 2002. 5704, 5702 ...

WikiZero - Кун, Бела

В Википедии есть статьи о других людях с фамилией Кун. .... на венгерских почтовых марках 1966 и 1986 года и на советской марке 1986 года (5701).

Кун, Бела - Wikiwand

29 авг. 2018 г. - Бе́ла Кун , Трансильвания — 29 августа 1938[2], Москва) ... почтовых марках 1966 и 1986 года и на советской марке 1986 года (5701).

Ежеквартальные отчеты - Российское общество оценщиков

... квартира, расположенная по адресу: Санкт-Петербург, ул Белы Куна, д 22, корп 5, ...... Санкт-Петербург, Бухарестская улица, д.86, кор.1, кв. ..... д 8, корп 2, литера А, кв 339, с кадастровым номером 78:12:0631901:5701, Рыночная.

СССР 1986 Сл 5701 Б.Кун MNH 002/993 - Auction.ru

Страна: СССР Год: 1986. ЦФА (Соловьев) № 5701. Стандарт-Коллекция № Michel № Серия: 100-летие со дня рождения Белы Куна. Тема: Личности


1918-1991 гг. 1986 г. Чтобы увидеть изображение марки "кликните" на её каталожном номере ... 5701, 10 к. Бела Кун, 0 - 30, 0 - 10. 5702, 5 к. К. Пожела ...

Почтовые марки. СССР. 1986. 100-летие со дян рождения Белы ...

Почтовые марки. СССР. 1986. 100-летие со дян рождения Белы Куна. ... Дата выпуска, 20 февраля 1986. Тираж, 2 500 000. № ЦФА, 5701. № Michel ...

1986 - Smfstamps

1986 · Эрнст Тельман. № 5716/5717. Год выпуска: 1986. Cостояние марки: MNH. 10 руб. Добавить в корзину ... Бела Кун. № 5701 ...

Марки СССР 1986

Советские почтовые марки 1986. ... 1986. 5632. 100 лет со дня рождения Белы Куна (1886 - 1939). 5633. 90 лет со дня .... 5701-5705. Паровозы ...

/usr/share/onboard/models/ru_RU.lm - APT Browse

... 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 ..... 5692 5693 5694 5695 5696 5697 5698 5699 5700 5701 5702 5703 5704 ...... 998 Культура 264 Культурной 905 Культуры 385 Кун 265 Кура 623 Курган ...

Одухотворённые лица Революции - Глобальная Авантюра

22 окт. 2017 г. - Кун, Бела .... Почтовая марка СССР № 5701 ... на венгерских почтовых марках 1966 и 1986 года и на советской марке 1986 года (5701).

Почтовые марки СССР 1986 года

Каталог марок почты СССР выпущенные в 1986 году. ... 100-летие со дня рождения Белы Куна. А.Толкачев. Металлография. Греб. 12½:12. 5701 ...

ФЕДОРОВ Федор Викторович | Российские спортсмены и ...

год; 2005; 2004; 2003; 2002; 2001; 2000; 1999; 1998; 1997; 1996; 1995; 1994; 1993; 1992; 1991; 1990; 1989; 1988; 1987; 1986; 1985; 1984; 1983; 1982; 1981 ...

СССР 1986, 5701, Бела Кун, полный лист - Огромный выбор марок!

марки СССР, марки советы, советские марки, марки СССР в полных листах, полные листы марок СССР, почтовые марки СССР.

Лист 1

86, 0060391790, Шапошникова Светлана Алексеевна. 87, 0060391863, Надеина Галина ...... 5701, 0103330623, Амбарян Роберт Эдуардович. 5702, 0103330763 ...... 10816, 0143399829, Кун Ирина Васильевна. 10817, 0143399837 ...

Джон Индрисано — совместные работы — КиноПоиск

85. Гэйл Бонни Gail Bonney, фильмов: 18... 86. Стэйси Харрис Stacy Harris, фильмов: 18... 87. Ральф Монтгомери Ralph Montgomery, фильмов: 18... 88.

Аукцион | Newmolot.ru - торговая площадка

Ленинград. Павильон Росси. 1985. Челябинская обл. ... 1986г пара Б. Кун сол.5701 ... Киндер фигурка пол Панды ,из серии «Кунг Фу Панда-2» (2011.

Кун, Бела Википедия

В Википедии есть статьи о других людях с фамилией Кун. Бела Кунвенг. Kun Béla ... марках 1966 и 1986 года и на советской марке 1986 года (5701).

Незабытые могилы, Российское зарубежье: т.1 :: Некрополистика ...

20 февр. 2016 г. - КОРЧАКОВА София Афанасьевна (? — до 8 марта 1986, США ?). Русская жизнь. ...... Россия.— Нью-Йорк, 1955, 30 сент., № 5701. • ' ...... КУН фон ПУШЕНТАЛЬ Владимир, барон (?, Тифлис — 16 дек. 1978 ...

Филателия 1986 купить, сравнить цены в Краснодаре - BLIZKO

Найти предложения в рубрике Филателия 1986 в Краснодаре. Посмотреть ... OZON Творчество хобби. В наличии. -31%. 1986. Б.Кун. № 5701. Лист.

вестник банка россии - Центральный банк Российской Федерации

Весной 1985 г. я получил предложение, от которого, как нынче модно говорить, невозможно отказаться. Меня пригласили ...... 99,5701. 1 грузинский лари. 15,2714. 10 саудовских риялов. 74,1094 ... 10 хорватских кун. 48,7187.


86, 80, Автолампа галоген АКГ 24-100 с поводком, шт. 87, 81, Автолампа галоген ...... 1642, 1636, Гидроцилиндр КУН ГЦ 80.50х400.22, шт. 1643, 1637 ...... 5701, 5695, Пробка топливного бака(мтз) малая 082-1103010, шт. 5702, 5696 ...

А у кого мейн куны котики?! - Страница 191 - Littleone

27 авг. 2013 г. - Купили котенка мейн куна, куча вопросов, может у кого есть такие котики? ... вне форума. Ветеран Аватар для panterka1986 ...

Купить сельхозтехнику ХТЗ б/у в Омской области! Цены на ...

Продам т-16 с куном, 21 л.с. 199 000₽. ХТЗ Т-16, 1986. Продам т-16 с ... Бийск. 07:44, 27 декабря. 5701. ХТЗ Т-16. Продам трактор Т-16, 25 л.с. 150 000₽.

Валюта - National Bank

8 сент. 2017 г. - 79, HRK, Хорватская куна. 80, HTG, Гурд. 81, HUF, Форинт ...... 1986, 156442109, точка Жалаулы ...... Бакыш 2. 5701, 275443408, с.Бозай.

Купить почтовые марки СССР 1986 года

Купить почтовые марки СССР 1986 года. Оптом и в розницу. ... Наверх. 1986, февраль. 100-летие со дня рождения Белы Куна. 5701 - Бела Кун ...

Ульяновск увековечил своего палача - ЯПлакалъ

А когда Бела Кун устраивал геноцид в Крыму со стороны красных, ..... марках 1966 и 1986 года и на советской марке 1986 года (5701).

г.Алматы 2-МП_2кв_2017г.

86, 140140028942, ТОО "ТЛСКОНТАКТ КАЗАХСТАН", 52509196, 96090. 87, 141241006656, Ф-Л ...... 5601, 160240008281, ТОО "АЛТЫН КУН КАНАС", 53193401, 01611 .... 5701, 090440020113, ТОО "САМИТТ", 50654149, 46190.

Кун, Бела — Википедия

Бе́ла Кун (Бела Морисович Кун, венг. Kun Béla; 20 февраля 1886, деревня Леле близ г. .... связанных с Белой Куном. Изображен на венгерских почтовых марках 1966 и 1986 года и на советской марке 1986 года (5701).


86, ИП Соколенко Сергей Сергеевич, 232803182892. 87, ООО ...... 5701, КФХ Дмитриев Юрий Борисович, 235302386636 ...... Бела Куна, 21, кв. 230 ...

Приложение. Краткосрочный план реализации в 2016-2018 гг ...

Приложение. Краткосрочный план реализации в 2016-2018 гг. региональной программы капитального ремонта общего имущества в многоквартирных ...


91, 86, Трос ручного тормоза боковой правый 3302-3508180, шт ...... 1986, 1956, Лист рессоры, шт. 3, 1995, - ...... 5663, 5670, Розетка 2РМ 14 КУН 4Г1В1, шт, 1, 1981, -, удовл. ... 5701, 5708, Транзистор МП 26 Б, шт, 6, 1989, -, удовл.

1986. Б.Кун. №5701. 2 марки. - Мешок

19 мая 2018 г. - Б.Кун. №5701. 2 марки. Уважаемые игроки, спешите пополнить свои запасы, т.к. с 25.06.18г. прекращаю торги на неопределенный ...

Аукцион: купить "1986 СССР 5701 Бела Кун ** " - AucLand.ru

Состояние на скане. В течение трех дней после завершения торгов прошу покупателя первым связаться с продавцом и подтвердить намерения о ...

Информационно-правовая система нормативных правовых актов ...

6 дней назад - село Коскуль. 86. Лозовская основная школа. Государственное учреждение. село Лозовое ...... "Кун нуры". Государственное ...... 5701. Степная начальная школа. Государственное учреждение. село Степное. 5702.

Кун, Бела — Википедия

В Википедии есть статьи о других людях с фамилией Кун. .... на венгерских почтовых марках 1966 и 1986 года и на советской марке 1986 года (5701).

Кун, Бела — WiKi

17 дек. 2018 г. - В Википедии есть статьи о других людях с фамилией Кун. .... почтовых марках 1966 и 1986 года и на советской марке 1986 года (5701).

Перечень кинодокументов | Победа. 1941 - 1945.

Производство: ЦСДФ. 1986 г. Длительность фрагмента: 1 мин. 38 сек. Российский государственный ..... Кун, Софьин. Производство: .... 33 сек. Российский государственный архив кинофотодокументов. арх. № 1-5701. Потсдамская ...


236, 235, Лаврецкий И, Кардиналы идут в ад, 86, 1961 ...... 2837, 2836, Кун Л. Всеобщая история физической культуры, 75, 1982 ...... 5702, 5701, Радченко Л.А. Организация производства на предприятиях общественного питания ...

меры социальной поддержки граждан, предоставляемые ...

2932,86. Женщинам, уволенным в связи с ликви- дацией органи- зации. ..... куна). 7. Документ, подтверждающий расторжение брака. * в случае не предоставления данного документа он будет запрошен ГКУСЗН в ..... 5701,31руб.

Б.Кун СССР 1986 год (5701) серия из 1 марки. Купить в Минске ...

3 сент. 2017 г. - Марки: Б.Кун СССР 1986 год (5701) серия из 1 марки купить в Беларуси, Минск. Состояние Хорошее.


49, АВТОНОМОВА, AVTONOMOFF, Ольга Павловна, 1900, 1986, SF, 20, 658. 50, АВТУХОВА ...... 3647, КАЛИНИНА, KUN, Феодосия С. 1899, 1970, SF, 25, 931, Кун ...... 5701, МЕЛИКОВ, MELIKOFF, Alexander I. 1924, 2005, SF, 88, 5523.

СССР 1986 5701 Бела Кун ** персоналии портрет Венгерский ...


Координаты зоны

1986, 2, 5, 120764.6, 92667.4. 1987, 2, 5 ...... 5701, 4, 6, 91960, 87798. 5702, 4, 6 ...... 451, БЕЛЫ КУНА УЛИЦА от Будапештской ул. до Софийской ул.

Продажа товаров. Фото. Листы, малые листы, буклеты, Почта ...

СССР. 1986 год. 90- летие первых Олимпийских игр современности. МЛ. Состояние** - 30 р. ...... Б.Кун. №5701. - 2 р. 1986. Б.Кун. №5701.1981-1991 гг.

СТАТЬЯ РГО-с фото.docx — Просмотр документов - САФУ

Соч.: Океанографические исследования Белого моря в 1986-1990 годы // ...... 36168 9992 3917 8887 5701 7216 4021 100104 49799 ...... весовой системы на основе дирхема, получившей на славянской почве название «куна» [3].

Гашеные марки - антиквариат, цены. Интернет-аукцион Crafta.ua ...

СССР 5706 MNH 1986 ОРДЖОНИКИДЗЕ КВАРТА УГЛОВАЯ 15 грн. radistufo. (960). 16 дней. Купить сейчас. СССР 5701- MNH 1986 ПАРОВОЗЫ 20 грн.

Каталог 1986 С - EPDF.TIPS

9 мар. 2018 г. - Выпущенных Министерством связи СССР в 1986 году. .... коммунистического и рабочего движения Э. Тельман и Б. Кун, ..... ООО 5701.

TDSheet - sibvet72.ru

86, Грунт №1 20622С цветной 5-8мм, 37.00 руб. Упаковка, 33.30р. ...... 2825, РК д/к Киттен Мэйн Кун 2кг 6502 1/6, 694.00 руб. шт, 624.60р. 2826, РК д/к ...... 5701, Сибирская кошка 10л Бюджет впитывающий, 110.00 руб. шт, 99.00р.

Случайный пакет | Что? Где? Когда?. - База вопросов

ОН трижды — в 1981, 1984 и 1986 годах — признавался MVP сезона в НБА, ...... получила четырехкратная олимпийская чемпионка Фанни Бланкерс-Кун.


86, 25, 455440, БЛОК ПИТАНИЯ БПН-6М-12100 ТУ658900254591351-04 .... 152, 28, 403496, ВИЛКА 2РМДТ 24 КУН 10 Ш5В1 В ГЕ0364126ТУ, 198.71, 7, 7 ...... 5701, 10, 449894, МИКРОСХЕМА IN74AC574DW ТУРБ1451371400608- ...

Аниме OVA, Anime ОВА Смотреть онлайн бесплатно без ...

Дневник будущего OVA-2 (5701) .... Дата выпуска: 21.01.1985; Режиссер: Микурия Сатоми; Автор оригинала / Сценарист: Микурия Сатоми; Озвучивание: ...

Клуб игроков MORTAL KOMBAT X - 4PDA

Но у меня пока 40, так можно пожертвовать ради Кун Цзыня максимального слияния. Стоит потерять рубины.Это отпадный перец,по ...

Купить 1986. Б.Кун. № 5701. Лист в интернет-магазине OZON.ru

Интернет-магазин OZON.ru - предлагаем товары для коллекционирования по лучшим ценам. Быстрая доставка. Постоянным покупателям - бонусы.

(PDF) Численные методы в математической экономике

13 апр. 2016 г. - экономики СССР и России за 1985-1992г.г., приведенных ..... Теорема 4.3 (Кун-Таккер). 1. Если ...... 18 5701 5932 6040 7384 9464 15129.

Kun cheng advanced drug delivery. Купить 1986. Б.Кун. № 5701. Лист в интернет-магазине OZON.ru

Интернет-магазин OZON.ru - предлагаем товары для коллекционирования по лучшим ценам. Быстрая доставка. Постоянным покупателям - бонусы.

СССР 1986г. СОЛ# 5701 / БЕЛА КУН / MNH OG VF / кв. блок

СССР 1986г. СОЛ# 5701 / БЕЛА КУН / MNH OG VF / кв. блок. ... СССР 1986г. СОЛ# 5701 ... Product code (SKU): S-USSR-5701-1986-4BL-NH. In stock: 164 ...

Глобальный рейтинг игроков в Чашке Петри - PetriDish.pw / Чашка ...

#86, ๖ۣۣۜЗλσú ๖ۣųαρხ, 111. #87, ƗŇ₣€ŘŇΔŁƗŦΔ۞, 111 ...... #5323, Кисе-Кун, 1. #5324, ¤ 4еrtёңөқ ¤, 1 ..... #5701, Kuroro Lucifer, 1. #5702, SiSuN [2], 1.

Почтовые марки СССР 1986 года - Каталог почтовых марок ...

Каталог почтовых марок СССР выпущенных в 1986 году. ... 100-летие со дня рождения Белы Куна. А.Толкачев. Металлография. Греб. 12½:12. 5701 ...

Лист1 - Администрация Санкт-Петербурга

29 сент. 2017 г. - 86, 612, Баранов Михаил Владимирович, 190121,СПб,улСоюза Печатниковд.13-15,кв.64, 612 ...... 600, 5701, Оникиенко Виктор Сергеевич, 196601,СПб ...... Белы Куна,д.21,литер А,пом.14-Н, 8931, 7/8/2013, 5 лет ...


86, д 30/А, п Ново-Карьерный, г Томск, 0, 1. 87, д 39, п ...... 4396, ул Бела Куна, д 10/1, г Томск, 1, 12. 4397, ул ...... 5701, ул Грибоедова, д 30, г Томск, 1, 1.

Почтовые марки Мира №160 • Форум о журнальных коллекциях ...

19 янв. 2017 г. - Никарагуа - 1985. - серия 2м. (7.00с. - №160) .... 1986. - серия 1м. (10коп. - №160) - Бела Кун (1886-1939). - ЦФА № 5701 [инфо: №160]

г. Астана


СССР 1986г. СОЛ# 5701 / БЕЛА КУН / MNH OG VF - collect-online.ru

СССР 1986г. СОЛ# 5701 / БЕЛА КУН / MNH OG VF. ... СССР 1986г. СОЛ# 5701 / БЕЛА КУН / MNH OG VF. СССР 1986г. СОЛ# 5701 / БЕЛА КУН / MNH OG ...

1986. Б.Кун. №5701. квбл. - starina.ru

Используйте тематические разделы слева, строку поиска сверху или метки справа для поиска лотов. Хотите узнать больше? Как работает аукцион?

СССР 1986 5701 Кун кварт ** - Интернет-аукцион Мешок

Описание: Страна: СССР Год:1986 № Сол.5701 ** Изображение: Б.Кун. Прошу покупателя выходить на связь первым- срок 3 дня. Оплата – 7 дней.

СССР 1986 5701 Бела Кун (О43)** (торги завершены #69501458)

31 авг. 2018 г. - Используйте тематические разделы слева, строку поиска сверху или метки справа для поиска лотов. Хотите узнать больше?

Лот №14 Стоимость лота 11 700 000 рублей - PropertyTrade

1. 85. КБ(тв).Баня. 1. 86. КБ(тв).Бол.спр.необходим.и полезн.знаний. 1. 87 ... Кун Греки,римляне о богах,героях. 1 ...... 5701 Узорова.Зад.п/обводке и пис.

Почтовая марка Портрет Белы Куна в интернет-магазине ...

Купить почтовую марку или серию марок Портрет Белы Куна | Интернет-магазин почтовых марок, ... Год выпуска: 1986. № по каталогу Соловьёва: 5701.

Кун, Бела — Википедия онлайн

17 дек. 2018 г. - В Википедии есть статьи о других людях с фамилией Кун. .... почтовых марках 1966 и 1986 года и на советской марке 1986 года (5701).

Марки СССР 1986 год - Марки-почтой

1986 год. 5698. 20к. Степные растения. Василек Русский. (Чистая (**)). ... 1986 год. 5701. 10к. Бела Кун. (Гашеная). Номер по каталогу Загорского - 5632.


3 дек. 2015 г. - УКАЗАТЕЛЬ. Выходит ежемесячно. №. 1 1. 1986. ТАШКЕНТ - 1987 ...... Отабоев Шодмонбек. Энг бахтли кун: Ҳикоялар, ҳажвпя- лар.— Т.: Еш гвардия ...... 5701. Хорев С. Дала— завод — харидор: [Қишлоқ хўжалиги.

Марки и блоки 1961-91 - Товары | Rusmarka.su

СССР 5689-5797 Годовой комплект марок и блоков. Год: 1986 1170 руб. В корзину ... СССР 5701 Бела Кун (1886-1938). Год: 1986 5 руб. В корзину · Ask ...

О внесении изменений в Закон Санкт-Петербурга "О зеленых ...

323. 4052. сквер б/н на углу Суздальского пр. и ул.Ушинского. 0,5701. 4-7 ..... Бунинский сквер на Бородинской ул. между д.2/86 и д.6. 0,26 ...... Белы Куна.

Лист1 - Высшая школа экономики

23 июл. 2018 г. - 86, 34959, Агеев, Александр, Андреевич, ГБОУ Школа 1494 ...... 4310, 5701, Мамедова, Сабина, Парвиз гызы, ГБОУ, СОШ 291 ...... 7561, 31413, Цзу, Кун Чан, -, МБОУ "Гимназия№1", Еврейская автономная область.

1986 спартакиада народов ссср 5730кб квартблок

1985. Спартакиада армий. № 5593кб. Квартблок 1986 спартакиада народов ... 1986. Б.Кун. № 5701кб. Квартблок 1986 спартакиада народов ссср 5730кб ...

1986 (5701) Б.Кун - 1 р. - Zinc

1986 (5701) Б.Кун - 1 р. ▻http://auction.denisyakovlev.ru/item/68851014 · https://meshok.net/pics/cache/68851014.208x208.jpg. по Соловьеву № 57011981- ...

Монеты 1986 года выпуска таблицей, стоимость монет в каталоге ...

Список монет 1986 года на сайте nummi.ru. ... На нашем нумизматическом сайте, можно узнать стоимость монет 1986 года с ...... COIN-5701. Перепутка ...

Imwerden Logo Некоммерческая электронная библиотека ...

8702, Шмеман, Прот. А. Водою и Духом о Таинстве Крещения, 1986 ...... 6474, Кун, Н. А. Легенды и мифы древней Греции, 1957, Учпедгиз, Москва, 2016-02-10 ...... 5701, Герасимов, А. В. На лезвии с террористами, 1985, Ymca Press ...

Филателия 1986 купить, сравнить цены в Новороссийске - BLIZKO

Найти предложения в рубрике Филателия 1986 в Новороссийске. Посмотреть ... 1986. Б.Кун. № 5701кб. Квартблок. 22 руб. 28 руб. из другого города.

Почтовые марки СССР 1986 г. - Почтовые марки мира

5701. 100 лет со дня рождения Белы Куна. КБ (лвп). СССР 1986. 5701. 100 лет со дня рождения Белы Куна. КБ (лвп. 50,00 руб. Количество на складе: 1.

СССР 1986 5701 Кун лист - Мешок

13 дек. 2018 г. - СССР 1986 5701 Кун лист. Доступно: 1 шт. Цена: 160.00 р ... Описание: Страна: СССР Год:1986 № Сол.5701 ** Изображение: Б.Кун.

Zhongwei Gu Bioinspired and Biomimetic Polymer Systems for Drug Gene Delivery

Here, front-line researchers in the booming field of nanobiotechnology describe the most promising approaches for bioinspired drug delivery, encompassing small molecule delivery, delivery of therapeutic proteins and gene delivery. The carriers surveyed include polymeric, proteinaceous and lipid systems on the nanoscale, with a focus on their adaptability for different cargoes and target tissues. Thanks to the broad coverage of carriers as well as cargoes discussed, every researcher in the field will find valuable information here.

13170.19 РУБ



Nahar Chowdhury Lutfun Steroid Dimers. Chemistry and Applications in Drug Design Delivery

Steroid dimers are an important group of compounds produced by various marine organisms, and also synthesized in the laboratories. This group of compounds possesses various pharmacological and biological properties, and can also be used to create “molecular umbrellas” for drug delivery. Steroid Dimers: Chemistry and Applications in Drug Design and Delivery provides an up-to-date overview on the chemistry and applications of steroid dimers of natural and synthetic origins. The book includes easy-to-follow synthetic protocols for various classes of important dimeric steroids, source details, valuable spectroscopic data and depiction of unique structural features of natural steroidal dimers, and the Structure-Activity-Relationships (SARs) of some pharmacologically active dimeric steroids. Topics covered include: introduction to steroid dimers synthesis and chemistry of noncyclic and cyclic steroid dimers naturally occurring steroid dimers – cephalostatins, ritterazines and crellastatins biological and pharmacological functions of steroid dimers and their application in drug design and discovery steroid dimers as “molecular umbrellas” for drug delivery Steroid Dimers: Chemistry and Applications in Drug Design and Delivery is an essential guide to this important class of natural and synthetic compounds for researchers and students of natural products chemistry and biochemistry, synthetic organic and medicinal chemistry, and drug design, discovery and delivery.

14814.9 РУБ



Rossi John J. RNA Interference. Application to Drug Discovery and Challenges Pharmaceutical Development

RNA Interference: Application to Drug Discovery and Challenges to Pharmaceutical Development provides a general overview of this rapidly emerging field, with a strong emphasis on issues and aspects that are important to a drug development team. The first part covers more general background of RNA interference and its application in drug discovery. In the second part, the book addresses siRNA (small interfering RNA), a pharmaceutically potent form, and its use and delivery in therapeutics along with manufacturing and delivery aspects.

10725.37 РУБ



Sara A. Hurvitz Antibody-Drug Conjugates. Fundamentals, Drug Development, and Clinical Outcomes to Target Cancer

Providing practical and proven solutions for antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) drug discovery success in oncology, this book helps readers improve the drug safety and therapeutic efficacy of ADCs to kill targeted tumor cells. • Discusses the basics, drug delivery strategies, pharmacology and toxicology, and regulatory approval strategies • Covers the conduct and design of oncology clinical trials and the use of ADCs for tumor imaging • Includes case studies of ADCs in oncology drug development • Features contributions from highly-regarded experts on the frontlines of ADC research and development

10975.16 РУБ



Hu Ming Oral Bioavailability. Basic Principles, Advanced Concepts, and Applications

Understand and assess the design, delivery, and efficacy of orally administered drugs A practical guide to understanding oral bioavailability, one of the major hurdles in drug development and delivery, Oral Bioavailability: Basic Principles, Advanced Concepts, and Applications is designed to help chemists, biologists, life science researchers, pharmaceutical scientists, pharmacologists, clinicians, and graduate and students become familiar with the fundamentals and practices of the science of oral bioavailability. The difference in rate and extent between a drug taken orally and the actual amount of a drug reaching the circulatory system, oral bioavailability is an essential parameter for determining the efficacy and adverse effects of new and developing medications, as well as finding an optimal dosing regimen. This book provides a much-needed one-stop resource to help readers better understand and appreciate the many facets and complex problems of oral bioavailability, including the basic barriers to oral bioavailability, the methods used to determine relevant parameters, and the challenges of drug delivery. In addition, this comprehensive book discusses biological and physicochemical methods for improving bioavailability, integrates physicochemistry with physiology and molecular biology, and includes several state-of-the-art technologies and approaches—Caco-2 cell culture model, MDCK, and other related cell culture models—which are used to study the science of oral bioavailability.

13190.67 РУБ



Ashutosh Tiwari Advanced Theranostic Materials

The present book is covers the recent advances in the development on the regulation of such theragnosis system and their biomedical perspectives to act as a future nanomedicine. Advanced Theranostics Materialsis written by a distinguished group of contributors and provides comprehensive coverage of the current literature, up-to-date overview of all aspects of advanced theranostics materials ranging from system biology, diagnostics, imaging, image-guided therapy, therapeutics, biosensors, and translational medicine and personalized medicine, as well as the much broader task of covering most topics of biomedical research. The books focusses on the following topics: Part 1: System biology and translational medicine Aberrant Signaling Pathways: Hallmark of Cancer Cells and Target for Nanotherapeutics Application of Nanoparticles in Cancer Treatment Biomacromolecule-Gated Mesoporous Silica Drug Delivery Systems Construction of Functional DNA Nanostructures for Theranostic Applications Smart Polypeptide Nanocarriers for Malignancy Therapeutics Part 2: Imaging and therapeutics Dimercaptosuccinic acid-coated magnetic nanoparticles as a localized delivery system in cancer immunotherapy Cardiovascular nanomedicine Chitosan-based systems for sustained drug release Nanocapsules in biomedicine: promises and challenges Chitosan-based polyelectrolyte complexes: characteristics and application in formulation of particulate drug carriers Part 3: Diagnostics and featured prognostics Non-invasive Glucose Biosensors based on Nanomaterials Self/directed Assembly of Nanoparticles: A review on various approaches Ion exchangers – an open window for the development of advanced materials with pharmaceutical and medical applications New Titanium Alloys for Biomedical Applications

14268.4 РУБ



Ashutosh Tiwari Advanced Healthcare Materials

Advanced materials are attracting strong interest in the fundamental as well as applied sciences and are being extensively explored for their potential usage in a range of healthcare technological and biological applications. Advanced Healthcare Nanomaterials summarises the current status of knowledge in the fields of advanced materials for functional therapeutics, point-of-care diagnostics, translational materials, up and coming bio-engineering devices. The book highlights the key features which enable engineers to design stimuli-responsive smart nanoparticles, novel biomaterials, nano/micro-devices for diagnosis, therapy (theranostics).The leading contributor researchers cover the following topics: State-of-the-art of biomaterials for human health Micro- and nanoparticles and their application in biosensors The role of immunoassays Stimuli-responsive smart nanoparticles Diagnosis and treatment of cancer Advanced materials for biomedical application and drug delivery Nanoparticles for diagnosis and/or treatment of Alzheimers disease Hierarchical modelling of elastic behavior of human dental tissue Biodegradable porous hydrogels Hydrogels in tissue engineering, drug delivery and wound care Modified natural zeolites Supramolecular hydrogels based on cyclodextrin poly(pseudo)rotaxane Polyhydroxyalkanoate-based biomaterials Biomimetic molecularly imprinted polymers The book is written for readers from diverse backgrounds across chemistry, physics, materials science and engineering, medical science, pharmacy, biotechnology, and biomedical engineering. It offers a comprehensive view of cutting-edge research on advanced materials for healthcare technology and applications.

14702.97 РУБ



Buchwald Peter Retrometabolic Drug Design and Targeting

Innovative approach to drug design thats more likely to result in an approvable drug product Retrometabolic drug design incorporates two distinct drug design approaches to obtain soft drugs and chemical delivery systems, respectively. Combining fundamentals with practical step-by-step examples, Retrometabolic Drug Design and Targeting gives readers the tools they need to take full advantage of retrometabolic approaches in order to develop safe and effective targeted drug therapies. The authors, both pioneers in the fields of soft drugs and retrometabolic drug design, offer valuable ideas, approaches, and solutions to a broad range of challenges in drug design, optimization, stability, side effects, and toxicity. Retrometabolic Drug Design and Targeting begins with an introductory chapter that explores new drugs and medical progress as well as the challenges of todays drug discovery. Next, it discusses: Basic concepts of the mechanisms of drug action Drug discovery and development processes Retrometabolic drug design Soft drugs Chemical delivery systems Inside the book, readers will find examples from different pharmacological areas detailing the rationale for each drug design. These examples set forth the relevant pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties of the new therapeutic agents, comparing these properties to those of other compounds used for the same therapeutic purpose. In addition, the authors review dedicated computer programs that are available to support and streamline retrometabolic drug design efforts. Retrometabolic Drug Design and Targeting is recommended for all drug researchers interested in employing this newly tested and proven approach to developing safe and effective drugs.

12731.56 РУБ



Murugan Ramalingam Biomedical Materials and Diagnostic Devices

The functional materials with the most promising outlook have the ability to precisely adjust the biological phenomenon in a controlled mode. Engineering of advanced bio- materials has found striking applications in used for biomedical and diagnostic device applications, such as cell separation, stem-cell, drug delivery, hyperthermia, automated DNA extraction, gene targeting, resonance imaging, biosensors, tissue engineering and organ regeneration.

17706.73 РУБ



Ryan Donnelly F. Novel Delivery Systems for Transdermal and Intradermal Drug

This research book covers the major aspects relating to the use of novel delivery systems in enhancing both transdermal and intradermal drug delivery. It provides a review of transdermal and intradermal drug delivery, including the history of the field and the various methods employed to produce delivery systems from different materials such as device design, construction and evaluation, so as to provide a sound background to the use of novel systems in enhanced delivery applications. Furthermore, it presents in-depth analyses of recent developments in this exponentially growing field, with a focus on microneedle arrays, needle-free injections, nanoparticulate systems and peptide-carrier-type systems. It also covers conventional physical enhancement strategies, such as tape-stripping, sonophoresis, iontophoresis, electroporation and thermal/suction/laser ablation Discussions about the penetration of the stratum corneum by the various novel strategies highlight the importance of the application method. Comprehensive and critical reviews of transdermal and intradermal delivery research using such systems focus on the outcomes of in vivoanimal and human studies. The book includes laboratory, clinical and commercial case studies featuring safety and patient acceptability studies carried out to date, and depicts a growing area for use of these novel systems is in intradermal vaccine delivery. The final chapters review recent patents in this field and describe the work ongoing in industry.

10609.32 РУБ



Smita Mohanty Trends and Applications in Advanced Polymeric Materials

The book comprises recent innovations and developments in various high performance applications of advanced polymeric materials. It is a compilation of work from eminent academicians and scientists and the chapters provide insight into the effect of tailoring the polymeric systems, blending matrices with nano / micro fillers for improved performance and properties. The book details the following topics: Smart & high performance coatings High barrier packaging Solar energy harvesting Power generation using polymers Polymer sensors Conducting polymers Gas transport membranes Smart drug delivery systems

14268.4 РУБ




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