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Our World 6: Rdr - The River Dragons Reader (BrE)

Long ago, China had no freshwater rivers or lakes. The people had to depend on rainwater for drinking and for watering their crops. But one hot summer, no rain fell. Four kind dragons wanted to help the people. Can they figure out a way to bring water to the people? A folk tale from China. Retold by Anna Oliva.

370 РУБ



Lawler Desmond F. Water Quality Engineering. Physical / Chemical Treatment Processes

Explains the fundamental theory and mathematics of water and wastewater treatment processes By carefully explaining both the underlying theory and the underlying mathematics, this text enables readers to fully grasp the fundamentals of physical and chemical treatment processes for water and wastewater. Throughout the book, the authors use detailed examples to illustrate real-world challenges and their solutions, including step-by-step mathematical calculations. Each chapter ends with a set of problems that enable readers to put their knowledge into practice by developing and analyzing complex processes for the removal of soluble and particulate materials in order to ensure the safety of our water supplies. Designed to give readers a deep understanding of how water treatment processes actually work, Water Quality Engineering explores: Application of mass balances in continuous flow systems, enabling readers to understand and predict changes in water quality Processes for removing soluble contaminants from water, including treatment of municipal and industrial wastes Processes for removing particulate materials from water Membrane processes to remove both soluble and particulate materials Following the discussion of mass balances in continuous flow systems in the first part of the book, the authors explain and analyze water treatment processes in subsequent chapters by setting forth the relevant mass balance for the process, reactor geometry, and flow pattern under consideration. With its many examples and problem sets, Water Quality Engineering is recommended as a textbook for graduate courses in physical and chemical treatment processes for water and wastewater. By drawing together the most recent research findings and industry practices, this text is also recommended for professional environmental engineers in search of a contemporary perspective on water and wastewater treatment processes.

13503.17 РУБ



Roger Woodson D. Audel Water Well Pumps and Systems Mini-Ref

Introducing an Audel «Mini-Ref» for tradespeople working on water well pumps and pumping systems Water well pumps are used everywhere, with installations numbering in the millions. Its hard to believe that no one has written a small field book that covers these pieces of equipment. Finally, heres a great handy guide is for anyone who needs to know how these pumps work, how to troubleshoot problems unique to this type of piping system, and how to make common repairs for both above ground and submersible pumps. It contains vital and specific references applicable to a wide range of professions, including plumbers, well drillers, electricians, pump suppliers, pump retailers, plumbing supply companies, well system suppliers, and more. Focuses on the must-have information to trouble-shoot, solve problems, and make water well pump repairs Clears up the mysteries of jet pumps, two pipe systems, pressure settings, and accumulator sizing Illustrations and data formatted for quick look up and understanding Discusses pumping system issues concerning municipalities, golf courses, maintenance professionals, big-box stores, irrigation installers, irrigation suppliers, and farm suppliers For tradespeople looking to keep their heads above water, this reliable and trusted resource delivers all of the vital content they need to keep water pumping systems functioning properly.

964.51 РУБ



David Chin A. Water-Quality Engineering in Natural Systems. Fate and Transport Processes the Water Environment

Provides the tools needed to control and remediate the quality of natural water systems Now in its Second Edition, this acclaimed text sets forth core concepts and principles that govern the fate and transport of contaminants in water, giving environmental and civil engineers and students a full set of tools to design systems that effectively control and remediate the quality of natural waters. Readers will find coverage of all major classes of water bodies. Moreover, the author discusses the terrestrial fate and transport of contaminants in watersheds, underscoring the link between terrestrial loadings and water pollution. Water-Quality Engineering in Natural Systems begins with an introduction exploring the sources of water pollution and the control of water pollution. It then presents the fundamentals of fate and transport, including the derivation and application of the advection–diffusion equation. Next, the text covers issues that are unique to: Rivers and streams Groundwater Watersheds Lakes and reservoirs Wetlands Oceans and estuaries The final two chapters are dedicated to analyzing water-quality measurements and modeling water quality. This Second Edition is thoroughly updated based on the latest findings, practices, and standards. In particular, readers will find new methods for calculating total maximum daily loads for river contaminants, with specific examples detailing the fate and transport of bacteria, a pressing problem throughout the world. With end-of-chapter problems and plenty of worked examples, Water-Quality Engineering in Natural Systems enables readers to not only understand what happens to contaminants in water, but also design systems to protect people from toxic pollutants.

10262.41 РУБ



Heinz Bloch P. Pump Wisdom. Problem Solving for Operators and Specialists

An accessible guide to the main reasons pumps fail—and what can be done about it Workhorses in many different industries, including the oil industry, water industry, chemical industry, food industry, and pharmaceutical industry to name a few, pumps are a vital contributor to maintaining and increasing the flow of production. In fact, the pump industry itself is a multi-billion dollar global business. Taking the unique approach of addressing both pump operators and pump designers, Pump Wisdom explains the causes of failure in centrifugal pump function—whether its pump selection, overlooked installation criteria, or the accumulation of small deviations—and maps out remedies with well defined methods that target specific issues, rather than focusing on technical generalities and theory. Clearly written and concise, Pump Wisdom relies on proven tactics for reducing pump vulnerabilities and correcting imbalances between hydraulic assembly and mechanical assembly. In addition, it supplies sound tips for detecting and rectifying risky shortcuts taken by pump designers and manufacturers. Pump Wisdom also: Provides a concise explanation of how pumps function Details the specifications to be considered when purchasing a pump Provides tips on the installation of centrifugal pumps in process plants Written in concise language that avoids excessive mathematical treatment Explains pump hydraulics in easy to understand terms Emphasizes the mechanical aspects of pumps with coverage on bearings, seals, impeller trimming, lubricant application, lubricant types, and more Pump Wisdom sheds light on the techniques for stabilizing pump performance and maximizing pump efficiency. Its concise format allows readers to strike directly at the heart of the problem—and helps them devise strategies to prevent costly failures before they occur.

4471.48 РУБ



Mistilina Sato Empowered Educators in China. How High-Performing Systems Shape Teaching Quality

BEST PRACTICES FROM CHINAS HIGH-PERFORMING SCHOOL SYSTEM Empowered Educators in China is one volume in a series that explores how high-performing educational systems from around the world achieve strong results. The anchor book, Empowered Educators: How High-Performing Systems Shape Teaching Quality Around the World, is written by Linda Darling-Hammond and colleagues, with contributions from the author of this volume. Empowered Educators in China describes the nations policy reforms that built the modern Chinese educational system and the educational practices that are considered typical in China. The book spotlights Shanghais system which is distinctive and superior. Shanghai offers a clear illustration of an educational system that continually invests in educating a diverse student population and, by measures of international comparison tests, is achieving outstanding results. Many factors contribute to the Shanghai systems ongoing success, including the students motivation toward strong performance, the parental support for education that is culturally ingrained throughout the country, the focus that teachers place on high expectations for students, and the individual tutoring they provide. The author argues that these factors are only a partial explanation of Shanghais success and then closely describes educational policies that support teachers preparation, hiring, ongoing development, and opportunities for awards and leadership. These policies are based on the assumption that teachers are key to the nations future and must be appropriately supported in order to contribute to student performance and achievement, an assumption that is also explicitly stated within Chinese law. This volume offers specific descriptions of how these national policies are translated, adapted, and enacted in Shanghai.

2195.03 РУБ



Bill Dodson China Inside Out. 10 Irreversible Trends Reshaping and its Relationship with the World

An in-depth look at the forces and trends changing China and its place in the world China has dominated the news for nearly a decade and will continue to grab headlines as it moves inexorably toward becoming the worlds largest economy. It already has the largest middle class in the world; the most Internet users; the largest army; and is the worlds largest polluter. Yet all this growth causes problems as China adapts to the laws of other lands in which it has investments; learns how to meet international guidelines and safety standards for its products; stretches its resources to the limit; and struggles to maintain stability and control over an increasingly restive population. China Inside Out explores the social and economic forces unleashed by Chinas relentless drive to modernization. Bill Dodson presents the stories of average Chinese workers, along with interviews with experts interlaced with his own experiences. The end result is an insiders view of the forces reshaping China as it takes an increasingly prominent role in the new world order. Looks at the trends reshaping China and reveals how Chinas place in the world is evolving Written by an industry analyst, advisor, and business manager in China, who is also a columnist for the China Economic Review Explains important changes for investors and business leaders interested in China For business leaders, investors, and China watchers, China Inside Out offers a truly in-depth examination of Chinas changing role in the world.

2893.54 РУБ



Vitaly Novikov History of China

China is mystery country for Europeans. This book is a summary history of China. Easy style and large amount of information will help you understand this great country.

22 РУБ



Ajay Mishra Kumar Smart Materials for Waste Water Applications

Smart materials are used to develop more cost-effective and high-performance water treatment systems as well as instant and continuous ways to monitor water quality. Smart materials in water research have been extensively utilized for the treatment, remediation, and pollution prevention. Smart materials can maintain the long term water quality, availability and viability of water resource. Thus, water via smart materials can be reused, recycled, desalinized and also it can detect the biological and chemical contamination whether the source is from municipal, industrial or man-made waste. The 15 state-of-the-art review chapters contained in this book cover the recent advancements in the area of waste water, as well as the prospects about the future research and development of smart materials for the waste water applications in the municipal, industrial and manmade waste areas. Treatment techniques (nanofiltration, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, adsorption and nano-reactive membranes) are also covered in-depth. The chapters are divided into three groups: The first section includes the various carbon nanomaterials (such as carbon nanotubes, mixed oxides) with a focus on use of carbon at nanoscale applied for waste water research. The second section focuses on synthetic nanomaterials for pollutants removal. The third section highlights the bio-polymeric nanomaterials where the authors have used the natural polymers matrices in a composite and nanocomposite material for waste treatment. The large number of researchers working in the area will benefit from the fundamental concepts, advanced approaches and application of the various smart materials towards waste water treatment that are described in the book. It will also provide a platform for the researchers and graduate students to carry out advanced research and understand the building blocks.

14268.4 РУБ



Paul Midler Poorly Made in China. An Insiders Account of the China Production Game

An insider reveals what can—and does—go wrong when companies shift production to China In this entertaining behind-the-scenes account, Paul Midler tells us all that is wrong with our effort to shift manufacturing to China. Now updated and expanded, Poorly Made in China reveals industry secrets, including the dangerous practice of quality fade—the deliberate and secret habit of Chinese manufacturers to widen profit margins through the reduction of quality inputs. U.S. importers don’t stand a chance, Midler explains, against savvy Chinese suppliers who feel they have little to lose by placing consumer safety at risk for the sake of greater profit. This is a lively and impassioned personal account, a collection of true stories, told by an American who has worked in the country for close to two decades. Poorly Made in China touches on a number of issues that affect us all.

1089.9 РУБ



High quality water pump for china. ITIL V3 2011 - kornev-online.net

ITIL V3 2011 (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) Сборник литературы по ITIL. Скачать бесплатно; Библиотека литературы, посвященная IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL ), плюс смежным с ней областям (стандарт COBIT, MOF, созданный ...

Футболка Personality - Стеганые - Bershka Russia

Футболка Personality. Откройте для себя эти и ... Руководство по размерам. Футболка с надписью High quality personality, принтом и круглым вырезом.

Купить подвесные потолки Экофон, Армстронг в …

ВНИМАНИЕ с 9 Января 2017 г. изменились цены на продукцию компании Экофон. Стоимость подвесного потолка и всех остальных товаров вы узнаете посмотрев наши Прайс-листы

ITIL V3 2011 - kornev-online.net

ITIL V3 2011 (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) Сборник литературы по ITIL. Скачать бесплатно; Библиотека литературы, посвященная IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL ), плюс смежным с ней областям (стандарт COBIT, MOF, созданный ...

high quality materials - Русский перевод – Словарь Linguee

Примеры перевода, содержащие „high quality materials“ – Русско-английский словарь и система поиска по миллионам русских переводов.

Афиша Daily

4 марта 2019 года скончался Кит Флинт, лицо и голос The Prodigy. Николай Овчинников вспоминает, в чем его главная заслуга не только перед группой, но и перед музыкой в целом.

Volkswagen Polo — Википедия

Volkswagen Polo (ˈpoːlo, рус. Фольксва́ген По́ло) — компактный автомобиль немецкого автоконцерна Volkswagen, находящийся в производстве с 1975 года.

2015 high quality retro vintage steampunk personality clock glass ...

2015 high quality retro vintage steampunk personality clock glass pendant necklace jewelry CN787 792-in Pendant Necklaces from Jewelry & Accessories on ...

Рулонная термобумага для УЗИ "SONY" | Оригинал

Рулонная термобумага SONY стандартная шириной 110 мм Sony UPP-110S. Бумага для УЗИ Sony UPP-110S (Standart), тип I (Normal)

Бабушке | Стихи про смерть

Моей милой бабушке Зое посвящается… А дом еще хранит твое тепло, О, сколько было в нем уюта и покоя

55" Q7F 4K Smart QLED TV 2018 | …

Выберите другую страну или регион, чтобы увидеть контент, специфичный для вашего местоположения.

your personality - Перевод на русский - примеры английский ...

Перевод контекст "your personality" c английский на русский от Reverso ... suits made of high quality fabrics and accessories showing your personality.

Печать из программы CURA на 3D принтере …

Данная программа использует трехмерную модель (как правило, в форматах stl/obj и др.) для построения траектории движения печатающей головки …

Набор из 2 ракеток и волана High Quality Badminton BD030 ...

Рейтинг: 4,9 - 6 голосов<br />High Quality Badminton - это классический набор из 2 ракеток и волана для игры в бадминтон, который подойдет спортсменам всех возрастов. Ракетки ...

Оксид алюминия — Википедия

Основные модификации оксида алюминия. В природе можно встретить только тригональную α-модификацию оксида алюминия в виде минерала корунда и его редких драгоценных разновидностей (рубин, ...

quality material - Русский перевод – Словарь Linguee - Linguee.ru

It's made from top quality material, easy to put in and take out of your mobile ... particular by preparing high-quality material, including press releases and [...].

Берёзовая доска | Unturned вики | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Берёзовая доска - это материал в Unturned 3.0. В классической версии игры не было разделения на виды древесины, была просто доска.

Актау Бизнес - Сайт города Актау (Мангистау, …

Пхукет из Алматы и Астаны 06/03 * цена указаны на человека при двухместном размещении

Ожерелье Aliexpress Lackingone *2015 christmas gift new Fashion ...

Рейтинг: 5 - 1 отзыв<br />6 ноя 2015 ... Ожерелье Aliexpress Lackingone *2015 christmas gift new Fashion collier High quality personality flower pendant necklace jewelry free ...

DAAD Россия

У соискателя на стипендию daad женское лицо В 2018 году мы получили около 1700 заявок на разные стипендиальные программы и не могли не отметить интересную особенность: среди …

Badminton Racke Best Price Badminton Racket for Children ...

Badminton Racke Best Price Badminton Racket for Children Entertainment Beginner Trainning //Price: $US $19.28 & FREE Shipping // #sports #sport # active #fit ...

high quality - Перевод на русский - примеры английский | Reverso ...

Перевод контекст "high quality" c английский на русский от Reverso Context: high-quality, high-quality education, access to high-quality, to provide ...

High-end multi-color durable nylon badminton racket line 0.7 mm ...

Cheap string foam, Buy Quality string backpack directly from China string tennis racket Suppliers: Badminton String Sword 2015 Ball Control Type (both ...

high quality materials used - Русский перевод – Словарь Linguee

The demanding technology, high-quality materials and first-class workmanship means that the sliding doors open with the least amount of force and make ...

Mummyo 2 Grams buy online / Мумиё 2 гр. …

Mummyo (Mummio, Mumijo)- mountain balsam, mountain blood - those are a few names given to this remarkable mineral - probably the only edible mineral there is with the highest bio-availability.

best quality materials - Перевод на русский - примеры английский ...

Перевод контекст "best quality materials" c английский на русский от Reverso Context: Professional performance requires adequate best quality materials.

Materialien - DMH

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Badminton String Tension (0.66MM) - China racket badminton;high ...

2016 Raquete Brand G3 Badminton Racket Hot Ball Control Type (both Defensive And ... High-end multi-color durable nylon badminton racket line 0.7 mm high ...

PMDT Tools | Challenge TB

Webinar – The Quality Improvement Tool for the Management of DR-TB Patients (English) A webinar to disseminate “The quality improvement tool for the management of …

high-quality materials - Перевод на русский - примеры английский ...

Перевод контекст "high-quality materials" c английский на русский от Reverso Context: Our products are made of high-quality materials.

Футболка классическая "High quality personality" #2614196 от ...

Футболка классическая - High quality personality от автора Анастасия Вахрушева. размер: s, m, l, xl, 2xl; цвет: белый, чёрный, меланж, ярко-синий, ...

Главная - ФГБУ Объединенный санаторий Сочи …

Комфортные номера Comfortable rooms. Санаторий «Сочи» отличается первоклассными условиями проживания и безупречным сервисом.

Baoblaze 10m Fiber Strong Durable Badminton Tennis Racket ...

The badminton string made of high-quality fiber with great durability; Great elasticity and strength offer you an excellent play experience; 10m Length with proper ...

Лаборатория качества - quality-lab.ru

Принимаете продукт от стороннего исполнителя и хотите убедиться, что он корректно функционирует?

Футболка Personality - New Fits - Bershka Russia

Футболка Personality. Откройте для себя эти и ... Руководство по размерам. Футболка с надписью High quality personality, принтом и круглым вырезом.

АСТРАТЕК МОСКВА-Жидкий керамический …

astratek Москва Жидкий керамический теплоизоляционный материал ТЕРМАЛКОМ. Теплоизоляционное ...

High quality water pump for china. WIPOTEC-OCS, Чеквейеры, Рентгеновские X-ray …


Лучшее качество Badminton Racket Control 310 ...

/Лучшее качество Badminton Racket Control 310 - профессиональная ракетка для защитных игроков. ЗАГРУЗКИ. Best Quality High Bounce Carbon Fiber ...

VDSL — Википедия

VDSL (англ. Very high speed Digital Subscriber Line, сверхвысокоскоростная цифровая абонентская линия ...

Dovewill Kids Child Mini Badminton Rackets Birdie Whole Set ...

Dovewill Kids Child Mini Badminton Rackets Birdie Whole Set Outdoor Indoor Sport Game Toys for 3-6 Years Old Kids - Blue Best Christmas gifts 2018.

ESPER 58Gram Badminton Racket High Quality 9U Second ...

Рейтинг: 4,9 - 36 отзывов - 46,99 $ - В наличии<br />Cheap Badminton Rackets, Buy Directly from China Suppliers:ESPER 58Gram Badminton Racket High Quality 9U Second Generation Super Lightest Graphite ...

Журнал BURDA MODEN 2000 8 на русском языке …

Журнал burda moden 2000 8 на русском языке. 03.02.2010 19:13 Рейтинг: 4 . Вы можете посмотреть некоторые номера журналов burda moden (1950-1988) на немецком языке

high-quality raw materials - Русский перевод – Словарь Linguee

of the highest quality and modern style, based on a manufacturing production of high quality raw materials, production company SACLA put on a par with ...

top quality materials - Русский перевод – Словарь Linguee

The new NO10-20NE(P)/NEX(P)/NEF(P) models are just part of a wide array of top quality materials handling solutions offered by Cat Lift Trucks via an ...

material is high quality - Русский перевод – Словарь Linguee

It was build from scratch in 1991 with high quality material (full technical documentation available), new installations, new PVC windows, environmentally ...

Наклейки из CS:GO в реальности с бесплатной доставкой по всей ...

Страна:* Если Вы живёте за пределами России, то стоимость заказа увеличится на 50 рублей

Live webcam from Riga Latvia Old Town - …

The purpose want to know , is to show you to earn money using a blog. So here are simply a few within the tips are usually going function with no challenege show up.

Mobinfo.uz | Мобильные телефоны и связь в …

Известный инсайдер под ником Ice Universe опубликовал на своей страничке в социальной сети Twitter фотографию, на которой показаны смартфоны Samsung Galaxy S10+ и …

Posta-Magazine — интернет журнал о качестве …

Генератор водородной воды, аппарат для безинъекционной мезотерапии и другие полезные гаджеты к 8 Марта

Spotify — Википедия

При разработке сервиса использован фреймворк разработки программного обеспечения, позволяющий масштабировать принципы Agile, получивший название Spotify Model. Модель «Спотифай» стала ...

WIPOTEC-OCS, Чеквейеры, Рентгеновские X-ray …


Ekonet - Çadır Branda - Gölgelik ve Koruma Tülü - Naylon ...

Ekonet Textile and Plastic Industries, grew gradually and became the number one in quality and reliability for its experience and professional principles commenced business as a tarpaulin manufacturer in Gaziantep Industrial Zone in 2004.

high - quality materials - Перевод на русский - примеры ...

Перевод контекст "high - quality materials" c английский на русский от Reverso Context: We use only high - quality materials and most up - to - date ...

The new 2017 high quality design bentley agio men's genuine ...

24 февр. 2019 г.- The new 2017 high quality design bentley agio men's genuine leather belt, fashion personality brand belt. a04(China)

Лучших изображений доски «Badminton Rackets»: 21 | Badminton ...

2015 Top Sale Badminton Racket Carbon Amateur Junior High Quality Eastic Couple Pair Durable Sport 3U&2U Moderate Love Story1314 //Price: $US $63.50 ...

developed personality - Перевод на русский - примеры ...

The woman, as a human being, has the right of access to basic education - high- quality education that will make her a fully developed personality integrated at ...

Jonathan D. Spence Search for Modern China

Gabriel Bitton Microbiology of Drinking Water. Production and Distribution

Microbiology of Drinking Water Production and Distribution addresses the public health aspects of drinking water treatment and distribution. It explains the different water treatment processes, such as pretreatment, coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, filtration, disinfection, and their impacts on waterborne microbial pathogens and parasites. Drinking water quality may be degraded in water distribution systems—microorganisms form biofilms within distribution systems that allow them to flourish. Various methodologies have been proposed to assess the bacterial growth potential in water distribution systems. Microbiology of Drinking Water Production and Distribution also places drinking water quality and public health issues in context; it addresses the effect of bioterrorism on drinking water safety, particularly safeguards that are in place to protect consumers against the microbial agents involved. In addition, the text delves into research on drinking water quality in developing countries and the low-cost treatment technologies that could save lives. The text also examines the microbiological water quality of bottled water, often misunderstood by the public at large.

10335.71 РУБ



Pierre Lu Xiao Elite China. Luxury Consumer Behavior in China

A ground-breaking exploration of the Chinese elites consumption of luxury products and their attitudes toward luxury goods. Elite China identifies the Chinese luxury product consumers and the characteristics of their luxury consumption, explains the implications for luxury firms and marketers and most importantly, spells out strategies for international luxury brands and Chinese luxury brands to succeed in Chinese market.

2247.31 РУБ



Robert Morrison A view of China, for philological purposes

Полный вариант заголовка: «A view of China, for philological purposes : Containing a sketch of Chinese chronology, geography, government, religion & customs designs for the use of persons who study the Chinese language / By R. Morrison».




Véronique Duong Baidu SEO. Challenges and Intricacies of Marketing in China

SEO practices for Baidu and other Chinese search engines are little known in the Western world. However, in order for a company to promote itself successfully in the Middle Kingdom, it is absolutely necessary to go online in China. Chinese SEO is not only about working on the on-site and off-site aspects of a site, there are also many administrative tasks to take into account: the creation of a site in China can pose governmental problems (obtaining a Chinese mobile line, applying for an ICP license, proving that the company is well established in China, etc.) In order for readers to understand how SEO and web-marketing works in China, tips, advice and case studies are presented throughout this book.

8780.13 РУБ



Керамическая плитка Porcelanosa Oxo Marmi China 31,6x90 настенная

Керамическая плитка Porcelanosa Oxo Marmi China 31,6x90. В упаковке 4 шт. (1,13 м2).

3312 РУБ

Porcelanosa oxo-marmi-china-31-6x90-настенная похожие


Rajesh Jugulum Competing with High Quality Data. Concepts, Tools, and Techniques for Building a Successful Approach to Data

Create a competitive advantage with data quality Data is rapidly becoming the powerhouse of industry, but low-quality data can actually put a company at a disadvantage. To be used effectively, data must accurately reflect the real-world scenario it represents, and it must be in a form that is usable and accessible. Quality data involves asking the right questions, targeting the correct parameters, and having an effective internal management, organization, and access system. It must be relevant, complete, and correct, while falling in line with pervasive regulatory oversight programs. Competing with High Quality Data: Concepts, Tools and Techniques for Building a Successful Approach to Data Quality takes a holistic approach to improving data quality, from collection to usage. Author Rajesh Jugulum is globally-recognized as a major voice in the data quality arena, with high-level backgrounds in international corporate finance. In the book, Jugulum provides a roadmap to data quality innovation, covering topics such as: The four-phase approach to data quality control Methodology that produces data sets for different aspects of a business Streamlined data quality assessment and issue resolution A structured, systematic, disciplined approach to effective data gathering The book also contains real-world case studies to illustrate how companies across a broad range of sectors have employed data quality systems, whether or not they succeeded, and what lessons were learned. High-quality data increases value throughout the information supply chain, and the benefits extend to the client, employee, and shareholder. Competing with High Quality Data: Concepts, Tools and Techniques for Building a Successful Approach to Data Quality provides the information and guidance necessary to formulate and activate an effective data quality plan today.

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Ajay Mishra Kumar Application of Nanotechnology in Water Research

Details the water research applications of nanotechnology in various areas including environmental science, remediation, membranes, nanomaterials, and water treatment At the nano size, materials often take on unique and sometimes unexpected properties that result in them being ‘tuned’ to build faster, lighter, stronger, and more efficient devices and systems, as well as creating new classes of materials. In water research, nanotechnology is applied to develop more cost-effective and high-performance water treatment systems, as well as to provide instant and continuous ways to monitor water quality. This volume presents an array of cutting-edge nanotechnology research in water applications including treatment, remediation, sensing, and pollution prevention. Nanotechnology applications for waste water research have significant impact in maintaining the long-term quality, availability, and viability of water. Regardless of the origin, such as municipal or industrial waste water, its remediation utilizing nanotechnology can not only be recycled and desalinized, but it can simultaneously detect biological and chemical contamination. Application of Nanotechnology in Water Research describes a broad area of nanotechnology and water research where membrane processes (nanofiltration, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, and nanoreactive membranes) are considered key components of advanced water purification and desalination technologies that remove, reduce, or neutralize water contaminants that threaten human health and/or ecosystem productivity and integrity. Various nanoparticles and nanomaterials that could be used in water remediation (zeolites, carbon nanotubes, self-assembled monolayer on mesoporous supports, biopolymers, single-enzyme nanoparticles, zero-valent iron nanoparticles, bimetallic iron nanoparticles, and nanoscale semiconductor photocatalysts) are discussed. The book also covers water-borne infectious diseases as well as water-borne pathogens, microbes, and toxicity approach.

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Fraser J. T. Howie Privatizing China

PRIVATIZING CHINA INSIDE CHINAS STOCK MARKETS In more depth than any other, this highly readable book lays bare why Chinas capital markets have fallen so far short of their promise. It is required reading for anyone seeking to understand the realities and the future of an extraordinary economic transformation. – James Kynge, Former Beijing Bureau Chief, Financial Times, Author, China Shakes the World Carl Walter and Fraser Howie bring together a wealth of experience to this complex and deeply important topic. Their book contains a mine of invaluable quantitative and qualitative information as well as an incredible depth of knowledge. It is essential reading for anyone investing in companies from mainland China. – Professor Peter Nolan, Judge Institute of Management Studies, University of Cambridge Privatizing China is essential for anyone who wants to understand Chinas companies and stock markets. no one should invest in China without reading it. – Arthur Kroeber, Managing Editor, China Economic Quarterly Carl Walter and Fraser Howie combine a deep knowledge of China and finance to provide an unflinching perspective on the countrys effort to build functioning capital markets. China may have wowed the world with its high-speed economic growth and manufacturing prowess, but this book is compelling evidence that Beijings mastery of the universe does not yet extend to the stock market. – Richard MacGregor, beijing Correspodent, FinancialTimes This book will answer many peoples questions regarding SOEs and the stock market. I think it is destined to become the standard reference work on the subject. – Jean C. Oi, Director, Center for East Asian Studies, Stanford University

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Yongnian Zheng Contemporary China. A History since 1978

Using new research and considering a multidisciplinary set of factors, Contemporary China offers a comprehensive exploration of the making of contemporary China. Provides a unique perspective on China, incorporating newly published materials from within and outside China, in English and Chinese. Discusses both the societal and economic aspects of China’s development, and how these factors have affected Chinese elite politics Includes coverage of recent political scandals such as the dismissal of Bo Xilai and the intrigue surrounding the 18th National Congress elections in late 2012 Discusses the reasons for—and ramifications of—the gap that exists between western perceptions of China and China itself

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Zhen-Gang Ji Hydrodynamics and Water Quality. Modeling Rivers, Lakes, Estuaries

The primary reference for the modeling of hydrodynamics and water quality in rivers, lake, estuaries, coastal waters, and wetlands This comprehensive text perfectly illustrates the principles, basic processes, mathematical descriptions, case studies, and practical applications associated with surface waters. It focuses on solving practical problems in rivers, lakes, estuaries, coastal waters, and wetlands. Most of the theories and technical approaches presented within have been implemented in mathematical models and applied to solve practical problems. Throughout the book, case studies are presented to demonstrate how the basic theories and technical approaches are implemented into models, and how these models are applied to solve practical environmental/water resources problems. This new edition of Hydrodynamics and Water Quality: Modeling Rivers, Lakes, and Estuaries has been updated with more than 40% new information. It features several new chapters, including one devoted to shallow water processes in wetlands as well as another focused on extreme value theory and environmental risk analysis. It is also supplemented with a new website that provides files needed for sample applications, such as source codes, executable codes, input files, output files, model manuals, reports, technical notes, and utility programs. This new edition of the book: Includes more than 120 new/updated figures and 450 references Covers state-of-the-art hydrodynamics, sediment transport, toxics fate and transport, and water quality in surface waters Provides essential and updated information on mathematical models Focuses on how to solve practical problems in surface waters—presenting basic theories and technical approaches so that mathematical models can be understood and applied to simulate processes in surface waters Hailed as “a great addition to any university library” by the Journal of the American Water Resources Association (July 2009), Hydrodynamics and Water Quality, Second Edition is an essential reference for practicing engineers, scientists, and water resource managers worldwide.

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